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Rewoven updates

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Like any startup trying to innovate in an industry, we have made many mistakes and experienced hardships. As we end our financial year and begin another, we look forward to the year ahead with full-heart’s as we reflect on the impact we have created so far, and get excited at the impact we are yet to create.

To date, we officially diverted 733 410 kg’s of textile waste from landfill since beginning our pilot. At our current rate, we will to reach 1 000 000 kg’s from landfill.

"to date we have officially diverted 733 410 kg’s of textile waste from landfill"

We are also proud to have created a solid Rewoven family. We are officially a team of 9. This year, we plan to continue to grow as we challenge ourselves to divert more textile waste from landfill.

Click here to read more about the impact of our business and stay tuned to our newsletter and blog as we have some exciting projects and partners to announce in the coming months!

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