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Inkinga | The problem

There is a concerning amount of textile waste which is ending up in landfill, polluting our home

Ekhaya Emzantsi Africa | At Home in South Africa

"Textile waste accounts for approximately 6,5% of total waste in landfills in South Africa. This amounts to approximately 6 million tons of textile waste in landfill"

- Department of Environmental Affairs

Our textile recycling

Do you have textile waste?  We can help you divert it from landfill and ensure it gets recycled

It can be difficult to find a cost-effective, easily accessible and reliable solution to dispose of your textile waste.  With us, textile recycling is easily, accessible and affordable. 

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To date, Rewoven has managed to divert over
 1,4 million kilograms of textile waste from landfill in Cape Town.

Our recycled products

We provide you with  recycled products

There is so much textile waste that is ending up in landfill, why not use that instead of using virgin material to make something new?

With a selection of raw and finished products, we offer the possibility for something that was once considered waste to be born again and adorned. Whether you choose to buy our fabrics and fibres or keep warm in our garments, we make sure our products are made with the priority of sustainable and ethical practice. Click the button below to learn more and let conscious consumption begin with us.

Some of our happy clients

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