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Rewoven is on the verge of entering a new chapter of its journey.  We cannot say much for now, however we have an exciting announcement to make in the next few months.


To date, we have:

  • Diverted over 1, 4 million kilograms of textile waste from landfill in Cape

  • Created over 10 employment opportunities and

  • Educated close to 1 000 individuals on sustainability in the textiles industry in South Africa through our Future of Fashion Indaba and workshops. 


The past 4 years have set a strong foundation for the future of Rewoven.  We will focus on using our experience and expertise on textile recycling to re-imagine and re-weave textile waste and give it a new life; and to continue disrupting the way textiles are made and consumed with environmental and social sustainability front of mind.  


While we are working tirelessly behind the scenes of this new exciting chapter, we unfortunately have to pause our textile waste collection operations until further notice.  We will still be selling recycled fabric, fibre and yarn.

Please do not worry, we will be back soon with lots more to offer, promise! 

Thank you for all of your support thus far! 

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