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About Us 

Ibali Lethu | Our Story

Rewoven is a Cape Town based innovation project that is currently in the commercial pilot phase. It was founded by three youthful innovators - Tshepo Bhengu, Esethu Cenga and Lonwabo Mgoduso in 2018. Through their passion for sustainability and well-being; creating an impact; and their collective entrepreneurial mindset, Rewoven was born.



“Sustainability for us is about dignity and quality of life.” - Rewoven (Twyg, 2019)

Sustainable Development Goals

We are passionate about addressing these Sustainable Development Goals.

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We care

We care about economic development

We care about the environment

As young South Africans, we are not oblivious to the presence of unemployment, poverty and inequality. We believe the circular economy can assist in addressing these issues, whilst creating much needed jobs and empowerment in the process. That is why we chose to be involved in textile recycling.


Textile recycling is not only a necessary sustainable practice that the textiles industry needs to adopt to mitigate its impacts on the environment, but it is also a very labour-intensive process that can be an avenue for sustainable job creation in South Africa.

We believe that everything is interconnected, just like our relationship with the environment, which we rely on for our basic needs: air, water and food.


We believe strongly in the idea that part of maintaining our well-being as humans is necessarily taking care of the resources that enable our existence.

We care about people

As true Africans, we believe strongly in the idea of community, and that umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu. Our passion for sustainable practices stems from the unequal effects that unethical business practices have on poor and disenfranchised communities.


We therefore see ethical fashion as a way to prevent the exploitation of workers, promote diversity and representation as well as develop and preserve skills which are all much needed in South Africa.

Meet the team

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