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Fabric Care Tips

Tips to make your fabric last longer

Did you know?

Almost a third of the negative environmental impact of the clothing industry come from how we wear, wash and use our fabric and clothes?

While it is important that textile producers use materials and processes that are kind to people and the planet, it is also important for you - the consumer - to do your bit.

We have compiled a list that will help you make your fabric last longer, lower it’s environmental footprint, and also save you money in the long run!

Machine wash less

We all tend to over-wash our fabrics and clothes.  Unless you can actually see that the fabric is visibly dirty and/or contains a lot of sweat, there is really no need to wash your fabric after every time you use it.  A way to increase the longevity of our beloved clothing items is to machine wash them less.

Take care of stains as soon as possible

Taking care of stains as soon as they appear is a great way to look after your fabric.  If you clean the stain with a non/low chemical soap as soon as possible, you will not have to use the longer cycle or hot water to remove the stains.


Use natural washing detergents

Commercial washing detergents contain many chemicals that are harsh on your fabric and on the environment. There are many great ecological/eco-friendly detergents on the market.


It is also a common misconception that the more soap/fabric softener we use, the cleaner our fabric will be. In fact, too much detergent can actually damage our washing machines and our fabric.

Decrease the washing temperature

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that fabrics are washed at 30°C. Not only does this help to conserve energy - in that water doesn’t need to be overheated - it also helps your garments look better for longer.

Using a washing/laundry bag can also assist in protecting your fabric and clothes from the harsh mechanical erosion that can occur in the washing cycle. Scientifically approved micro-plastic preventing laundry bags such as the Guppyfriend are not yet available in South Africa.


Test colour fastness

Before machine washing fabric it is advisable to hand wash it first to test its colour fastness.  This is especially important when dealing with coloured fabric that can potentially stain the other textile items in your washing load.

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