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Our recycled yarn 

Do you crochet or knit? From our textile waste, we have produced our first batch of recycled yarns in South Africa perfect for you!

We have 2 options for your choosing:

  1. 100% recycled yarn 

    • Recycled cotton and recycled polyester 

    • Blend options: 

      • 50% recycled cotton 50% recycled polyester 

      • 90% recycled cotton, 10% recycled polyester 

      • 10% recycled polyester, 90% recycled cotton


  1. 100% cotton recycled yarn 

    • Blend: 90% virgin cotton, 10% recycled yarn 

Color: Undyed natural white 

Yarn size: 100/1 tex 


Recyclable: Yes 


Dyeable: Yes 


Price: R63/kg for both 

View our product samples

Would you like to come see samples of our fabrics and fibres?

Click the button below to book an appointment and view our fabric offerings in our Cape Town showroom.

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